Mobility Services
Mobility Services Overview

Mobility gets its due with dedicated budgets and planning. While 2012 was the year mobility entered the enterprise mainstream, 2013 was the year of consolidation - money was being set aside exclusively, mobility initiatives were strategized, prioritized and fast-tracked for implementation. More tablets in the enterprise will translate to more apps. Whether it's enabling access to enterprise software on tablets, or designing new tablet apps that simplify processes for different functional groups. Mobility is the answer. Apple iOS having won over IT admin skeptics on the security front more enterprises will now allow iOS devices in some form or the other.

While the banking industry will look to mobility for the 'next big thing in payments,' manufacturing will see the value in using mobility to retool their core business processes, and retailers will use augmented reality to extend their physical store to the virtual realm. Enterprises will invest in mobility solutions to address consumer demands for non-traditional payment methods like mobile wallets, near-field communication (NFC) payments, and alternative currency. Mobility will be used to create immersive and differentiated experiences through augmented reality shopping, micro-personalization of products or services, visual search, and multi-channel engagement. From home automation to connected cars to smart medical devices, a diverse universe of products will embrace mobility as a 'must-have'. 2013 will see an increase in context-based apps for business functions, mobile-based learning / retraining for talent, and greater social functionalities for apps - all of which are high on value delivered, and light on the enterprise wallet. Enterprise information will be pervasive, personalized, customized, context-aware as mobile becomes the delivery medium for focused insights from big data, location-based services, and real-time business analytics.

Reveille and Mobility

Reveille has answers to the challenges of growing global population, urbanization, climate change and resource conservation. To ensure mobility in the future, we need closely networked information systems.

Business Transformation: From mobile apps to loyalty coupons to seamless content access, we help you achieve a customer-centric mobility transformation.

Accelerating Innovation: We co-create a solution tailored to your needs. Whether its location based service or mobile wallets we are your partner.

Efficient Operations: our Mobility services can change the way your employees work on the go, automate your processes and boost productivity.

Our Management Consulting Services include
  • Mobile Point Of Sale
  • Guided Sales
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Mobile Brochure
  • Application marketplace
  • Enterprise mobility middleware
  • Mobile e-Ticketing
  • Transforming Workplace | Engaging Digital Consumer